What We Publish

We welcome proposals or completed manuscripts between 30,000 words and 150,000 words in length that fall into one of the following categories:

New Works

Individually or jointly authored books.


Edited collections addressing a clear theme or collections consisting of newly written chapters or articles previously published in the journal.


Re-issued or out-of-copyright classics with new introductions.


PhD dissertations or other theses, rewritten to conform more closely to the genre "book."

The Publication Process

1 Submit a Proposal

To begin the process, submit a sample chapter or completed manuscript as well as the following: a brief description of the intended audience, a summary of the broader significance of the work, relevant metadata (title, authors/editors, back-cover blurb, table of contents, bio-notes), and any marketing or promotional ideas you have.

View our Step-by-Step Guide to the Book Submission Process.

2 Gather Feedback

Once we receive your submission, our editorial team will review your proposal to determine whether it is a good fit for the book imprint. If accepted, you submit the full manuscript, and we identify reviewers to provide feedback on your work.

3 Publish

After the review phase, we help you through the publication process. From there, your book is published and made available in both print and electronic formats.