Eduardo Jovel to Speak at the 2019 Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability

  • 2018-11-19

We are excited to announce that Eduardo Jovel will be speaking at the Fifteenth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability.

Dr. Eduardo Jovel is a Mayan-Pipil descendant. He is an Associate Professor and Director of the Indigenous Research Partnerships, Faculty of Land & Food Systems at UBC. His research interests include Indigenous people’s worldviews and the role Indigenous knowledge, particularly plant uses and medical practices and ceremony, health, and wellness. He also explores the intersections between gender, research ethics, and culturally respectful mobilization of Indigenous knowledge. He aims to integrate interdisciplinary research practices, Indigenous knowledge, and biocultural diversity to support Indigenous resurgence, education, and research. He is actively engaged in building Indigenous land-based research and education environments.

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